Friday, February 27, 2009

Round 5 - Monterey 2

House 8 - The Monterey's
The Monterey's are: Janice Monterey Yessam (family-marry 6 kids), her husband Rich Yessam (popularity-become mayor), their twins Abigail & Zorah Yessam (children) and Caleb Yessam (toddler).
Last time: The kids get into private school, Caleb is born, Geron gets abducted by aliens and becomes household heir, & Geron and Gabriel head off to college.

We are back at the Monterey house which now contains nothing but Yessam's. They are a strange bunch the Yessam's. At least they have fun with life though.

The twins have a birthday and become teens. This is Abigail who becomes a knowledge sim and wants to someday be a ballet dancer.
Zorah becomes a family minded sim who longs for her golden anniversary.

The girls used the power of the wishing well (yes I use that a lot don't I) to find true love. First up was Abigail who was given one Coby Ashski. The two head to college at the end of the season.

Fate brought Zorah true love in the form of Ross Chandler. Now we might get some purple babies into the neighborhood. Yeah!
Little Caleb is growing up a storm. Not to be out done by his older sisters.....

he too has a birthday and becomes a child. He is his father's son.
Janice was also around this season but she wasn't up to much. She's just waiting around for her kids to get old enough to marry someone. Anyone will do. Just so long as they marry.
The Monterey's are:
  • Janice Monterey Yessam - has managed to marry off one child and wishes the others would grow faster
  • Rich Yessam - preparing to run agains Cal Evans in the next election
  • Abigail Yessam - knowledge sim who is headed to college
  • Zorah Yessam - faimly sim who is headed to college
  • Caleb Yessam - youngest child of the Yessam clan

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