Saturday, February 28, 2009

Round 5 - Lancaster 2

House 11 - The Lancaster's

The Lancaster's are: Brendon Lancaster (popularity/fortune), his wife Iris Faststien Lancaster (popularity/knowledge) and their twin infant sons Irving and Ian.

Last time: Brendon & Iris married (finally), the honeymoon resulted in pregnancy and the twins were born.

Iris and Brendon are enjoying their twin sons. But as much as they love them, neither parent loves them enough to give up their jobs and stay home and raise them. Thus the nanny is hired.
Brendon fulfills his 2nd lifetime want and became a business tycoon. His 3rd ltw is to become head of the SCIA.
Crazy neighbor shot. Poor Beryl. You and Lucia are so made for each other. Moving on.
Iris heads off to work and without supervision the Nanny leaves the twins in the kitchen floor ALL DAY.

Because you see, Nanny doesn't have internet at home. She can't wait to check the sports scores. Nanny has a gambling problem and can't stop betting on football. She'll even bet on soccer. Poor lady needs help.

But the twins survived infancy and now they are cute little toddlers. I am almost positive that this is Ian Lancaster. Ian is a Virgo with 8 neat, 1 outgoing, 9 active, 2 playful & 7 nice.

Which would make this Irving Lancaster. Irving is a Leo with 9 neat, 10 outgoing, 2 active, 2 playful & 8 nice.

I'm starting to think that Aspen doesn't really like stealing papers. He really just wants to be a BLOG HOG. Go away Aspen. Don't you have a fiance you could be hanging out with?

Twins at play. Pretty much all of my silly rabbit toys have been replaced by block building tables. What? They can draw on them? Why would I want them to do that?

Iris reaches the top of her third career when she tops the entertainment field. I can't remember if she went off to find another career or if she just stayed in this one. After a while the job hopping gets boring too.

Brendon left the business field and went into the paranormal field. By the end of the season he was a cult leader. I know he didn't stop here. He switched over at some point into the spy field.

Time for birthdays. This would be Ian Lancaster. He got the skin and the eyes.

This is Irving Lancaster. He got the skin but not the eyes.

Do you see what I see? It's my FIRST genie lamp.

Oh Mr. Genie. I have so missed you. Now for my three wishes.

Mom and Dad didn't need anything so the twins go to use the wishes. Irving wished for peace of mind. So did his brother Ian. The third wish went unused this season. Jumping ahead a season: after I installed apartment life I went back into this lot and found that the genie lamp had reset itself. I had three more wishes. Booyeah!

So now I have two permanently platinum parents and two children with peace of mind. You don't realize how boring that can be until it happens. So the kids spend blocks of time studying and blocks of time running amuck. I never even look at their wants because they aren't going to get them. I'm so bad.

And that finishes the fall at the Lancaster house. I think I'm officially half way through blogging round 5. Yeah me.

The Lancaster's:

  • Brendon Lancaster - former Education Minister, former Captain Hero, former Business Tycoon, former Cult Leader, current Elite Operative
  • Iris Faststien Lancaster - former Visionary, former Media Magnet, current Prestidigitator
  • Ian Lancaster - with the red hair
  • Irving Lancaster - the blond


Anonymous said...

That little star stickie you have there on the sims' faces is super cool - where'd you download it from? Is it a skin? or a layerable make-up?

aquatami said...

It's a skin. Honestly I'm not entirely sure where it came from. I downloaded all of the starting families for this challenge.

ciyrose said...

"Nanny doesn't have internet at home. She can't wait to check the sports scores. Nanny has a gambling problem and can't stop betting on football. She'll even bet on soccer. Poor lady needs help." - LOL...OMG! That is too funny! Hey, 2 nice kids...WooHoo for that! The only reason I haven't gotten rid of the bunnies is because you can only build charisma as a toddler or a teen....children can study everything else, so I still like the bunny for that.