Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round 5 - Lancaster 3

I'm back and attempting to finish blogging round five (which I played in July 2008 so bear with me). Today we meet up with the Lancaster Family of House 12. Our current family members are William Lancaster (permanently platinum family sim), his wife Jaela Glissade Lancaster (permanently platinum knowledge sim) and their toddler son Jock.

Last time at house 12: William was abducted by aliens, Jaela gave birth to Jock and then Jaela got abducted by aliens. (The aliens run rampant in this hood for some reason).

Eww. And we are just in time for the alien spawn to arrive.

It hurts. Jaela wake up. It hurts.

Wha? Trying to sleep.

Awww. The alien spawn has arrived safely.

Isn't she beautiful. I think I'll name her Jewel.

A lovely name for our newest resident alien.

Not again. I can't be pregnant again. William an I haven't been "together" since before he was abducted.

But then you were abducted.

But the aliens only like men right? I couldn't be alien pregnant. Could I?

Well yes my dear you could. It's called an equal opportunity hack. Prepare for more alien spawn.

Ok. Well that's one way to prepare. And btw you're going to get roaches if you leave your trash like that.

Don't care. I'm starting my new job today. I'm training to be a spy.

That's so funny. Just yesterday I was talking to a little guy over at Fruitandale Island and he thinks he's already a spy even though he hasn't gone through puberty yet.

Well send him our way. We are always looking for new recruits.

Honey I'm home.

She's not here. Just left in a skin tight little number. I think she's in denial about the whole alien pregnancy thing.

Are you sure? I just got promoted to ecological guru and made a ton of cash in bonuses and Jaela is always here to share these moments with me.

Well she's gone to work right now so why not mosey on over and pick up that trash before it spawns roaches. That would be all I need. Sickness and disease spreading through the neighborhood.

Rough day at work?

They demoted me and it's all your fault.

Oh. Bad chance card. Yeah that would be on me I guess. Sorry but I'm not good with the newer career tracks yet.

OMG. I'm pregnant with an alien baby.

Told ya.

That's nice dear. Studies show that bigger families are often happier so the more the merrier.

Gotta love them family sims.

Birthday time and Jewel grow into a lovely toddler. She's also and elf btw and with these stats she'll fit right in here in Finality Springs.

Jewel Lancaster - scorpio - 10 neat, 9 outgoing, 10 active, 5 playful and 1 nice.

And Jock had a birthday. He's got the Lancaster eyes which makes me SO happy.

That's nice lady. Can I go eat now.

You need to respect your elders mister or else you may find yourself in a world of hurt. Just because I can't kill you off in a prosperity town doesn't mean I can't torture you until you wish you were dead.

Say daddy.


Poor alien children get so confused.

Jock is a chess cheater. And a paper stealer. So the cycle continues.


No worries. It'll be all over soon.

And there he is. You're new baby. Now wasn't it all worth it?

Yes. Awww. He is so precious. I think I'll name him Journey.

Journey Lancaster. Sounds good.

Isn't he precious William?

Yes dear. Makes me want to knock you up again.

Zip it William and throw that idea to the curb. Unless risky gets you, you two are done.

Don't worry Journey, you'll have a good life here in Finality Springs. I'll make sure of it.

Jock and Jewel get to know each other while playing with blocks. Isn't she just so CUTE?

Jaela finishes her portrait of Jock which is hung in his favorite spot in the house.

And after I make this move I'll distract my opponent and these two chess pieces can be easily switched. After that the game is practically in the bag.

He may not be mine genetically but I'll always be his dad. I love babies. Are you sure Jaela and I can't have a few more.

NO! The population is out of control as is. You have Jock to carry on the house. You don't need more.

Damn it guys. I said no more babies.

Wha? It's not our fault. Risky did it so that makes it your fault.

Darn risky woohoo. Grumble grumble.

Jaela teaches Jock to do his homework.

If you study hard, you can grow up to be a double agent just like your mom.

I'd rather be and ecological guru like dad. They make more money and do less work.

Birthday time. Time flies fast doesn't it.

Journey Lancaster - Libra - 4 neat, 10 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful & 10 nice

FINALLY! More nice points. This neighborhood so needs them.

Jewel grows into childhood. She got William's eyes and nose but still a cutie.

Say mommy.
Well that's all here at the Lancaster house. Join us next time for yet another birth in the already overpopulated neighborhood.
  • William Lancaster - PP - working as Ecological Guru
  • Jaela Glissade Lancaster - PP - working as a double agent
  • Jock Lancaster - child
  • Jewel Lancaster - child
  • Journey Lancaster - toddler
  • and at least one on the way


Anonymous said...

Woo! Fun with babies! Baby booom!

sarah said...

Really like this writing style. Very entertaining. Gives your sims unique personalities.

sarah said...

I like the writing style. It's very entertaining. Gives your sims unique personalities.

ASimWen said...

wow nicely written for being played so long ago, heh

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Awww, Jewel is adorable. What a cute alien toddler she was!

Anonymous said...

I like how you have them speaking in different colors. Also, yay for alien babies!

ruby said...

you played this when? whew! surprised you remember what happened
the alien spawn are adorable

ciyrose said...

Wow, Jewel is really cute! Jock is a good looking little kid too. Aww...I like toddler Journey too.