Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round 5 - Lancaster 5

Here we are ready to finish up round 5. I said I'd get round 5 blogged before the end of March and look, I actually did.

Anyway, Bryan Lancaster (fortune - chief of staff) just got back from college. With him is his finance Venice Holiday (fortune - chief of staff). I took a couple more pictures this time so yeah me.

Oh Venice. You are so beautiful and I love you so much.

Oh Bryan. You are so sweet.

Venice, tonight I'll show you that I'm not always 'sweet'.
Oh Bryan.

After doing the nasty, the young couple get hitched.

Together forever.
Yes. Together forever.

Bryan and Venice both got a job in the medical field and in no time they were both Chiefs of Staff. Humm. I wonder how that works. Two different hospitals or they just share the position?
And then Venice realized she was with child. So she corn rolled her hair to keep it out of the way.

The pregnancy goes smoothly and soon it's time to deliver.
Don't worry madam, I shall catch the babe. All man servants are trained in child birthing and other home health care needs.
BRYAN! Don't let the butler touch me.
To late. The butler helped Venice deliver a healthy baby girl.
I know. I'll name her Vanetta.
Vanetta Lancaster. It's long but I like it.
Vanetta grew quickly. Ain't she just cute.

Vanetta Lancaster - generation two - aries - 9 neat, 9 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful & 6 nice

So, want to try for a boy?

Oh boy.

OH NO! There are a ton of Lancasters around. One of your nephews can carry on the house so just drop them thoughts right here.

Sims. Not much else happened this round. Bryan and Venice both topped the natural science field. That's when I discovered I had the bug that subtracted the bonus for becoming a guru from your cash instead of adding it. So it ticked me off and I just added it back with the family fund cheat. The huge bonus is half the reason you go into the natural science field anyway. Especially when you're a fortune sim. Unfortunately it's total wonked out Bryan and Venice's earning money memories and I have no idea how to fix that. I don't guess you can. So I'll probably never know when or if I earn 100k with these two unless I just wait until the household funds is greater than 200k.

So I guess that's it with this house and also finishes up round 5.

Since I'm lazy and don't want to do a separate post I'll do a quick points recap here.

ROUND 5 - 18 Houses
Total cash - 3,111,428 = 32 pts
Platinum graves - 4 = 4 pts
Sims in game - about 100 (4 of which are deceased)
Impossible wants 12 = 36 pts
Top influence at death = 2 pts
Top of career = 53 pts
28 college grads: all summa cum laude = 28 pts
all big men on campus = 28 pts
Gold badge pts = 30
Hobby plaques: 22 sims with one plaque = 22 pts & 5 sims with 5 or more plaques = 15 pts
One Shrink visit = -1 pt
One Social bunny visit = -1 pt
One CAS elder impossible want = 10 pts
Total so far = 331 points (or thereabouts)

Well thanks for reading another season. Next up, Round 6 - Winter.

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ciyrose said...

Wow, so many babies born the last couple of rounds. This hood is going to get full super fast.