Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round 5 - Roswell 2

We are here at house 13 aka Roswell 2. The family members are Louthor Roswell (family sim wanting to raise 20 puppies), his wife Aquamarine Rosada Roswell (permanently platinum family/popularity sim) and their infant daughter Isis.

Round 4 saw the couple returning from college, marrying and establishing this lovely home, raising up a few puppies and having a baby girl. Let's see what they're up to now.

Oh, well maybe this isn't the best time to interrupt. It looks like they might be busy.

About to get busy. Dad still needs those 6 grandkids and so far he only has the one.

Oh yeah. I said earlier that Orion had no grandkids yet but I forgot about Isis. Well carry on.

I see the puppy raising business continues. Unfortunately. I've never accomplished this ltw and if I manage this one I'll NEVER do it again. I think I'd rather do grilled cheese then this. Then again it would probably be a toss up.
Louthor? Bored much?
Just resting after taking care of all these puppies. Puppies everywhere. I see them in my sleep.
Well hopefully it won't take us to much longer to finish this up. You raised two before you left college so that only leaves you with so many freak'n more to do. Got room on that bench. I could use a little lay down myself.
Birthday time. Twirl her. Twirl her.

Isis becomes a toddler who looks remarkably like her mother Aquamarine.
Isis Roswell - generation two - scorpio - 8 neat, 4 outgoing, 9 active, 3 playful & 1 nice
This neighborhood should be called One Nice.
Aww. They are cute when they aren't making a mess.
Don't become attached. You can't keep them. There isn't enough room.

So what should I do with them once I raise them?
Back to the pound or sell them to friends. Either way works for me.

The itsy bitsy spider when up the water spout.
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Up came the sun and dried up all the rain and the itsy bitsy spider when up the wall again.
More! More!
Is it just to much for you Louthor? You just look so tired.
Hump. Puppies everywhere. Puppy puddles everywhere.
You hired a maid.
Doesn't help. She goes home and leaves me with them.
Cheer up. It could be worse. Not sure how but I'm sure it could be.

He he he. Bubbles.
You know it's not really that sneaky when you are putting the soap in your own fountain.

Eww. Free manual labor. I love neat townies.

Aqua is color coordinated with her computer. And do I detect a baby bump there? Why yes, I think I do.

Aqua, why are you just standing there holding the puppy?
It relaxes me.
And this way the little bugger can't trip me again.
Ooooooo. Got it.
Another attempted paper theft spoiled. Take that Lucia Lancaster. And don't you come back here again.

Isis grows into childhood. She is like her mother's clone or something. Spooky.

Do I have to clean up after the puppies?
That would be a yes. You are a child and children are free labor. Any parent knows that.

Wake up Louthor. Your wife is in labor again and I'm sure you don't want to miss it. Because like every deliver is just SO very different.

It's a boy. I think I'll name him Zeus.
Zeus Roswell it is. I wonder if he'll look more like his pop.

Wha? What did I miss?
The entire birth. But you're here now and the bed is half made and that's all that matters.

All this puppy care should be enough to make Isis hate pets for life. They're not so cute when you have to clean up after them all the time.

Both Louthor and Aquamarine are working as Ecological Gurus. There are several of those in the neighborhood. This job is very good for the family sims. As you probably guessed Aqua is staying home with the newborn while Louthor heads off to earn some cash. Feeding all these darn puppies isn't cheap you know. And in case you can't guess we are keeping six puppies at all times until all these darn dogs are grown and this whole nightmare is over.

No dear this is Santa Clause. He's just a friendly neighborhood townie.
That's right. When the asylum closed down due to poor management (I fail at not controlling my simmies) all the inmates were released to the general townie population.
Um, mom, should we be letting an escaped nutjob run loose in our house?
He's not escaped dear he's released. I'm sure they cured him first.
*whistles softly* Um, yeah. Sure. I would never let insane people just run around would I? Damn you know me to well. Of course I would. The more nuts the better.
*cough* And that brings us to the end of another update. Join us next time when we find out if we can ever get all 20 of these puppies raised before we loose our minds.
The Roswells are:
  • Louthor Roswell - puppy raiser extraordinaire
  • Aquamarine Rosada Roswell - supportive wife and mother
  • Isis Roswell - paper stealer and puppy hater
  • Zeus Roswell - cute innocent little baby


Ndayeni said...

The 20 puppies/kittens LTW scares me. So far I've refused to even attempt it. Good luck with getting it for your guy here :)

ciyrose said...

"This neighborhood should be called One Nice." - That would certainly seem appropriate. LOL...putting soap in his own fountain, that's awesome. Isis really does look like her mom....crazy. I'm going to laugh if Isis rolls up a pet want...since she did all the cleaning.