Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round 5 - Holiday 5

Another update this time from house 16 which is another new Holiday house. Ya'll are going to hate me for this one. This one is beyond short. I don't know what I was thinking the day I played this one which would have been Sept 21, 2008 btw.

So, Jazz Holiday (pleasure - professional party guest) just came back from college with his girl friend Kricket Cooprider (romance - rock god) and have established their own home.

Oh darling, you are so beautiful. And this voice inside my head keeps telling me that I should marry you as quickly as possible since you have three bolts with my brother Danton and I have three bolts with Danton's wife Pania.

So what do you say Kricket. Will you marry me?
Well I don't have the fear right now so YES! I'll marry you.

Not sure why this picture is here but I have so few that I left it in. Let's pretend that it means something important. Like maybe the couple just said I do. Yeah that sounds good.

Fast forward quite a bit. It looks like Kricket is in labor.

Well Duh! What gave it away.

Join us back here next time when we find out what happens next. I know. I told you that you wouldn't like it but I can't find ANY BABY PICTURES. sorry.

Also, according to what notes I have, Jazz topped two fields slacker and art and became permanently platinum and Kricket topped two fields slacker and music and became permanently platinum.

Until next time... please don't hate me.

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Ndayeni said...

Hehe. I know how you feel about the lack of pictures. When I started my blog and was trying to catch up the backstories, I couldn't find any pictures for most of the lots I'd played and had to just use the portrait icon things I'd pulled out with SimPE.