Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round 5 - Lancaster 4

So we are at another new house. This time it's house 17 which is another Lancaster house. Adrian Lancaster (Romance - Hall of Fame) just got home from college with his girl friend Ariana Rosada (Knowledge - Criminal Mastermind). Now I know what you're thinking. Romance and knowledge? That's what I thought two but Ariana was determined to have Adrian and I finally quit fighting her. So, let's join our marriage proposal already in progress.

Babe, let's get hitched.

You're not going to accept such an unromantic proposal are you?


Ok. (I guess we shouldn't tell her that Adrian has slept with her sister Danielle and left her pregnant should we? Na. We won't tell her. Let's let it be a surprise.)

I, Ariana Rosada promise to love you and honor you and only woohoo with you for as long as we both shall live.

Great babe. And, uh, I love you too.

Well you two didn't waist any time did you?

Well no. I wanted to wait a little while but Adrian is such a horn dog that risky was bound to get us eventually.

That's true. Oh so very true.

It's time. The baby. It's coming.

And that brings us to the end of another season.


It's a girl. I think I'll call her Allison.

Welcome to the neighborhood Allison. She got her mom's green skin so she's a cutie. I'm a sucker for green babies.

Adrian seems excited too.

I'm a dad. Woo!

Well that's all I got. Adrian topped show business. Ariana became a criminal mastermind and permanently platinum. And Ariana won a wishing well while on maternity leave. Man I really should have taken better notes. And I did in round six, which we are getting oh so close to. Just one more house to go.

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