Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round 6 - University

Well it's time to start another round and before we do I wanted to mention a few things. At some points, probably about three houses ago, I downloaded some default skins and eyes. So don't be surprised if some of the sims look a little different. It won't make that much difference because so many of these simmies have custom skins and eyes already but it is noticeable. that's all I got. So, let's start round six.

As always, I start my rounds at university. As always I play only the greek house. I toss everyone in a dorm but never play them there. I just work them over to the greek house.

This time through we have ten lovely participants. They are Roman Holiday (popularity - the law) and his high school girlfriend townie Aroha TeWaiata (popularity - rock god). Ria Burton (popularity - 20 best friends) and her boyfriend townie Michael Profit (popularity - celebrity chef). MacKenzie Evans (pleasure/knowledge - celebrity chef) and her boyfriend townie Kurtis Faststien (romance - media magnet). Abigail Yessam (knowledge - ballet dancer) and her townie boyfriend Colby Ashski (family - education minister). And Zorah Yessam (family - golden anniversary) and her townie boyfriend Ross Chandler (family - golden anniversary). Yes all those townies are why my population continues to skyrocket. I've just accepted it.

We quickly say goodbye to our placeholder. I have to say that after all these seasons little miss placeholder has made it to her senior year. Sometime in the next few seasons I will probably move her into the neighborhood. I don't know what the rules are about these things but I have to do something with her. Only playing the greek house means that she ages. It's just how it is. And after all this time I think she's earned a life. Eventually. She'll probably graduate round 8. Maybe.

Anyway, this is Ross Chandler and his girl Zorah Yessam. Two family sims marrying. Yes, it's scary.

But they're happy so I got them engaged. Not sure where I put them when they moved out. Might be sharing a house with Zorah's sister Abigail but I can't remember.

Roman Holiday wasted no time proposing to Aroha TeWaiata. They are heading back to Holiday 1 after graduation.

Here are Colby Ashski and Abigail Yessam. As I said I'm not if they wind up with Abigails sister but they definitely start a new house. Yeah, another one.

Oh, and they're engaged already. But of course.

This is Kurtis Faststien and MacKenzie Evans. They also head off to start a new house. I think they might share it with someone but I can't remember.

Here is Ria Burton becoming permanently platinum by getting her 20th best friend. Love that LTW. Wishing wells make things so much easier.

Ross spent some of his time writing a novel. I guess. I don't remember but one must assume.

You know I could kill you right? I just choose not to.

And here are the graduation exit photos. This is Colby Ashski 4.0 biology.

His beloved Abigail Yessam who keeps loosing her custom hair. 4.0 drama

Ross Chandler who lost his custom hair. 4.0 biology

And Zorah Yessam who lost hers. It was a theme this season. 4.0 biology

Kurtis Faststien keeping the cap even with his suit. 4.0 not sure major

MacKenzie Evans looking rather lovely and very Evanish. 4.0 not sure major

Roman Holiday with his kerchif. 4.0 Psychology

And his beloved Aroha TeWaiata. 4.0 literature

Ria Burton ready to fly the coop. 4.0 not sure what major

Michael Profit ready to go with her. 4.0 some major or the other

Did we forget anyone? I hope not. All graduates were big men on campus (or women) and members of the secret society (which at this point ain't that secret).

I know it was a boring update but it's uni. Uni is boring.

Next up...another turn through the tulips. Or something.

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