Saturday, May 2, 2009

Round 6 - Rosada 1

It's time to start another round and hopefully get me one step closer to being caught up. We move to our first house in the rotation, The Rosada House. The Rosada Family currently consists of Oldest Sister Amethyst Rosada (a fortune sim who has never married), her teenage son and family sim Beryl Rosada (who was fathered by the now deceased James Lancaster), Baby Sister (youngest of the triplets) and pleasure/romance sim Danielle Rosada and her twin toddlers Ruby & Opal Rosada (who were fathered by married sim Dakota Holiday on one of their many dream dates).

Last time: Dani acted like the typical romancer resulting in the birth of her twin daughters, Beryl became a teen, I resisted the temptation to do bodily harm to Amethyst & Dani continued her quest for 50 dream dates with Adrian Lancaster (who was at the time engaged to her sister but is now married to her sister).

Adrian, do you really think you should be seen leaving roses for your sister-in-law?

Adrian: No one will see me and I just had to leave something for Dani. She loves roses. She loves me. And I love her. Gawd, I can't wait to see her again.

Don't you think that you are now MARRIED to her sister that you should probably call it quits?

Adrian: Why would I do that? No, Dani and I have something special. I can't give that up. Besides, Ariana will never notice.

For your sake I hope you're right.

Amethyst: Why am I holding this child? You know I don't like toddlers.
That's why you're holding the child, who has a name by the way. If I'm not allowed to kill you then the least they can do is let me torture you.
The twins grew up to be quite lovely. The one with the pink eyes is Ruby and the one with the grey eyes is Opal. The naming worked out well didn't it.
Amethyst: Oh gawd. More kids. Can't they all just leave.
Lucia: Beryl, you're mom is weird and I don't think she likes me.
Beryl: Don't worry Lucia, I love you and that's all that matters.
Hey Ruby. Man you're getting big. (Ruby Rosada - Taurus - 8 neat, 8 outgoing, 3 active, 8 playful & 6 nice)
Ruby: Have you seem my mom? She missed my birthday.
She's probably on a dream date with...erm somebody. I think it's her last one. 50 dream dates. That's quite an accomplishment.

Hi Opal, I was just telling your sister that your mom is probably...

Opal: I don't care. Who needs her anyway. I can take care of my self.

Umm. Ok then.

(Opal Rosada - Aries - 9 neat, 10 outgoing, 3 active, 2 playful & 10 nice)

More gifts Adrian? Shouldn't you be buying something nice for your WIFE?
Adrian: Na. If Ariana wants something she knows where the store is. Do you think Dani will like this? She likes music. Now we can sing beautiful music together on our next date.
I hate to break it to ya but I don't think there will be any more dates. She hit the big 50 and that was all I promised her. Now scram before I call your wife and tattle on you.
Danielle: A.... I think I'm..... But I can't be..... Oh no.
Oh no is right. You've gone and got yourself knocked up with your sisters husbands baby. It is worse than a soap opera around here. I'm going to need to make name tags to keep up with who your kids belong to.

Danielle: There is no need to be mean. I was just having fun with one of the men I love and it's your fault that woohoo is so risky around here.
Oh Adrian. You have got to stop this. Ariana isn't stupid and I wouldn't put it past Amethyst to tell her out of spite.

Wha? You're headed back to work. You must have had the baby. So where is it. What did you have?
Danielle: Another girl. I named her Pearl. She's inside with the nanny.

Humm. I must not have snapped any pictures. Oh well.

Damn it Adrian. Now you're leaving gift in front of witnesses. What is wrong with you?
Adrian: True love just can't be held back babe.

Don't babe me and three bolts is no reason to cheat on your WIFE.

Danielle: Come on Pearl. Say mommy. Mommy.
Pearl: Is that a bug crawling across the floor?
Danielle: Please baby. Say mommy.
Pearl: I wonder what bugs taste like?

(Pearl Rosada - Gemini - 4 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 4 playful & 1 nice)
Oh Dani. What are you doing? He's taken. Can't you just leave other people's men alone?
Danielle: Does it look like I'm twisting his arm? He wants me. I can't help that so why fight it.

*coughs* Slut *coughs*

Beryl: Let's see. College admission forms. I so can't wait to get out of this place.

I understand. If nothing else all the pink must get to you after a while.
Beryl: You have NO idea.
Beryl: Once I marry Lucia and move back in then *punch* things will be different. There will be no more wild dates *punch* and no more sex between people who aren't *punch* married. It will just be me and Lucia and *punch* our kids.
And your mother.
Beryl: *PUNCH* She had to die sometime.
We can hope.
Beryl: So baby I'm heading out to college today. You're going to meet me there right?
Lucia: Yes Beryl. As soon as I can.

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ciyrose said...

Hey there are some nice kids. YAY! Poor Beryl, only blue in a very pink house. I'm sure he's ready to head out.