Saturday, May 2, 2009

Round 6 - Burton 1

Round 6 House 6 brings us to the Burton Family. Before the season begins the family consisted of Ashley Burton a never married town romancer, her sister Kelly Burton the poor lonely unmarried popularity sim and Ashley's twins (with Orion Roswell) Justice & Jordan.

Last Time: Ria became a teen and left for college, the twins became kids and Ashley was stalked by one of the Ashski brothers.

Sawyer Burton comes home from college to take over the Burton house. Sawyer is the son of Jackie Burton Monterey & Austin Monterey. He quickly marries his longtime girlfriend Iris Harlord.

(Iris Harlord Burton - Romance/Fortune - LTW marry off 6 kids - Aquarius - 4 neat, 4 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful & 6 nice)

Since she's a romance sim she doesn't mind so much when I tell her to go start working on those six kids.

Kids at play. Jordan is skipping rope and Justice is playing with one of the Monterey kids. Basillia Monterey if I'm not mistaken.

It finally happens that the last Burton girl gets old.

Sawyer tops the music field but he wants to be a celebrity chef so that doesn't make him all that happy.

I continue on with my cheesecake experiments. Why won't you work?

The twins become teens. So Justice, tell us what you want to do with your life.
Justice: Well I am all about the babes. It's romance for me. So I'm thinking I'd make a great Rock God. Best way to snag the babes don't ya know.
And Jordan, what are you're thoughts?
Jordan: Well, I'm also into romance but I'm thinking of sticking to the family business and becoming a celebrity chef.
I see. Two more romancers. How lovely.
Justice: Help?
Sorry dude. You have a ticket so you must take the ride. At least you're a teen so no baby. See ya on the other side dude.

Justice: I just can't believe the things I saw on that ship. It's shocking...but in a good way.

Oh no. The baby is coming with Iris standing in a foot of snow.

It's a girl. A very pale faced girl. And what lovely eyes she has.
Iris: Thank you. We'll name her Bobbi.
Ok. Bobbi Burton it is.
And before you know it Bobbi becomes a toddler.
(Bobbi Burton - Libra - 6 neat, 9 outgoing, 3 active, 7 playful & 10 nice)

And thus ends another exciting winter season. The twins have one more season before they head to college due to my four day minimum rule. Ashley is still around although she didn't make it into any shots. And once again the cheesecake didn't work. Whatever. More next time.


Anonymous said...

Welcome, Bobbi! What beautiful, blue eyes!

snarkysims said...

Yay, I'm all caught up. Looking forward to your next round!

ciyrose said...

Wow, Bobbi's eyes are amazing. She's a very pretty girl