Saturday, October 19, 2013

Round 6 - Evans

December 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer.  Up until that time, I was religious about backing up my sim files.  Afterwards, not so much.  

Finality Springs was corrupted by something stupid I did.  I have actually found a backup.  YEAH!  With this backup I had played (I think) one house more than I had blogged.  Unfortunately my excel sheet shows many more houses played but I'll reconcile it somehow.  The house played but not blogged was the Evans house.  This was played in November 2008.  Yeah, I'm not sure what I was doing.  So mainly this will be pics.  Although I am working on many (too many) other things, I hope to start playing this neighborhood again.  I have really missed them.

This is the family at the end of this turn.  Sorry for the spoiler.  I couldn't find another picture.

The Evans Family is:  
Cal Evans - elder - Romance / Family
Shannon Burton Evans - elder - Romance / Family
Truman Evans - adult - Fortune - earn 100k
Alexandria Potts Evans - Fortune - Hall of Famer

Alexandria is using the wishing well to make friends.

Howie Busto is an adult townie in this universe.

Her name escapes me.

Truman, who is a spitting image of his dad, is looking at the stars.

Cal is working on a gold badge, maybe.

It's winter, if you hadn't noticed.

Sort of cold out.  Poor thing.

Shannon making friends and/or talking about her friends.

Sing a happy little tune.

As you may have noticed, Truman was taken to the stars. 

The family was upset.

 Even the dog, who I think is named Patches, wasn't happy.

Truman returns relatively unharmed.  The aliens make a hasty getaway.

Reassuring the wife.

Pet training.

Tummy not feeling so good.

One of the dogs became an elder.

Truman topped a career.  I honestly don't know what.

We're expecting.

Puppies born in the snow.


No idea.

Baby time!

Walk the first one up stairs.

To have the second.

I'm not sure which is which but according to my notes these are generation three natural twin girls Scully & Whitney Evans.

Shannon brings a Monterey home from work. 

More dog training.  

Another gold badge.

Money from the sky.

And we end on a celebration of some sort.

Sorry it wasn't the best but I'm sure you understand.  

Next up is the second Monterey house.  I hope to complete it today.  SO EXCITED!!!

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