Sunday, October 20, 2013

Round 6 - Monterey 3

  • Joey Monterey - Knowledge / Popularity - permanently platinum - impossible want complete - Deep Sea Fisherman
  • Jacqueline Blair Monterey - Knowledge / Family - permanently platinum - impossible want complete - Hostage Negotiator
  • Bastillia Monterey - child (Joey & Jacqueline)
  • Bahram Monterey - toddler (Joey alien son)
  • Darice Monterey - infant (Jaqueline alien daughter)
Last time:   Bastillia became a child.  Joey was abducted and gave birth to Bahram.  Jacqueline was abducted and gave birth to Darice.

Here we go again.  Maybe big family weddings aren't the way to go.

With Joey at work, Jacqueline gets to finish Bahram's toddler training.

I've found homework little miss.  Time to put up the train and head downstairs.

Birthday time.  Darice becomes a toddler.  She is a virgo with 10 neat, 2 outgoing, 10 active, 6 playful & 7 nice.

Oh boy.  I forgot about the risky.  I installed it recently when I started playing my new Megahood.  It was only suppose to be a woohoo.  Now it's a baby.

With winter mild for the moment, Jacqueline works on her fishing badge.  She currently has a silver.

Bahram Monterey becomes a child.

He celebrates by singing in the snow.  Mild winter over.

Jacqueline goes into labor in the middle of the night.

She gives birth to a son.  This is Balthasar Monterey.

The next night, Darice becomes a child.

Basillia becomes a teen.  She is a popularity teen who wants to someday be a general.  (I am starting to find it freaky that I'm rolling into the same aspirations as the kids had last time AND they are getting the same LTW.)

Jacqueline goes back to work.  She gets two promotions in one day and is now a Space Pirate.  That is her second LTW fulfilled and her second career topped.  Now she would like a golden anniversary.  I think we might be able to pull that off.

Bahram & Darice are telling secrets about their  new baby brother.

Basillia begins to make friends.

And finally, Balthasar becomes a toddler.  He is a  Gemini with 6 neat, 8 outgoing, 9 active, 4 playful & 5 nice.

Nothing else happened really except that Joey earned a gold badge in robotics.  He made a sentry bot.  I didn't take a single shot of Joey this round but he was there.

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