Saturday, October 19, 2013

Round 6 - Monterey 2

The Monterey Family are:

  • Janice Monterey Yessam - Family - Marry off 6 Kids - has four kids with first husband & 3 with second - 3 currently married
  • Rich Yessam - Popularity - become Mayor
  • Geron Monterey - Knowledge / Romance - Education Minister - just home from college
  • Starrie Night - Family - graduate 3 kids from college - future spouse of Geron
  • Caleb Yessam - Janice & Rich's youngest child
Last Time:  Twins Abigail & Zorah become teens and move to college, Caleb becomes a child.

After a little bit of blog reading, I think we're ready to do this thing.  Geron & Starrie look for jobs.  Geron takes a job as a ballroom dancer.  Starrie went for protector of whales.

Rich is up late working on his creativity.  The thing you have to love about Rich is how he always seems so happy.

It would have been a nice lazy Sunday morning.  But we have a family sim who needs children married.  Time to get with it children.

We invited all the Monterey's we could find.  In front is Nate Daymer, who is married to Dakota Monterey Daymer, the pregnant woman behind him.  Beside her is a cousin, Ambriel Monterey.  Behind her is Geron's twin brother Gabriel Monterey, who is currently pregnant with an alien child.  Way at the end is Jacqueline Monterey, Joey's wife.

On this side we have Angelique Monterey, a cousin.  Behind her is Jala Evans Monterey, Gabriel's wife.  Then there is Austin Monterey, the uncle.  Then Joey Monterey the oldest brother.  Finally is Ashley Burton Monterey, Austin's wife that shouldn't have been invited.  

As you may know, I never plan formal outfits.  I have to say that they look nice though.

We kept things simple.  Everyone just stood out in the yard.

Geron and Starrie are a three bolt couple so there was much pledging of eternal love.

And then it was done.  Congrats to Mr & Mrs Monterey.  Four down and just one set of twins in college to go.

I hadn't planned any entertainment.  The family took care of it for me.  Yes, now that I remember a bit better I have realize that Uncle Austin who had 30 loves shouldn't have been invited. 

Perhaps we can distract them with cake.  Cake?  Anyone?


Nope.  No time.  First we fight.  Then we gossip about the fight.

Oh good.  Gabriel had cake.  I don't want it all going to waste.

Those not fighting found other things to keep them entertained.  Ambriel found the water wiggler.  Good thing the snow hasn't started falling yet.

Joey and his wife fell in love.... again.  

 Kicky bag is always fun.

 The happy couple kept it simple.  First it was cake with a party crasher.

 Then they consummated the wedding.  The wedding party was great fun.  It was sad to see them go.  Ok, not really.

And so it begins.  How I love having enemies.

This is getting out of hand.

Geron has a gold robotic badge.  He he he.

So sad when you have to zap your elderly uncle who lives just across the street.

Caleb doesn't much like homework.

Janice learns anger management.  Now she know that she should only visualize putting her hands around someone's throat and squeezing ever so tight.  She should never actually do it.  Cause that would be wrong.  Unless he keeps knocking over the trash.  Then I'm sure it's justified.

Starrie is promoted to Hand of Poseidon.  She has topped her first career.

Starrie spent the afternoon arguing with a stranger.  Well, he shouldn't have walked by.  I wonder if he actually has that kind of pull?

Janice becomes an elder.

I gave her a makeover but I didn't actually touch her makeup.  That might have been a mistake.

Starrie has her first baby bump.  Baby one is on the way.

Starrie and Geron are such a cute couple.  They are thrilled to start their family.

 Some idiots never learn.

Janice is elected Mayor.  She tops her first and only career.

Geron tops the Natural Science career.  Dance gave him to many days off so he ditched it.  He still hasn't found his dream job in education.

Rich, well Rich didn't get promoted.  His wife got the job that should have been his.  Of course Rich is a happy go lucky sort of guy so it doesn't bother him.  He'll let her be Mayor for now.  

I remember Rich is a popularity sim so I have him wish for friends.  With these three, his total of best friends is up to 24.

With the winter so mild, Starrie begins setting up for a spring garden.

Ok, so maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

Starrie takes a job in the natural science field.  She walks to work, dispite her advanced pregnancy, and is promoted.  This is her second career topped.  She probably will stay with this one.

Rich is promoted to Mayor.  Janice wasn't doing a very good job.  This is Rich's first and only career topped.  It is also his lifetime want completed.

Just after 4 am, Starrie went into labor.

She gave birth to a little girl.  Meet Hannah Monterey.

Janice is thrilled to finally have a grandchild under her roof.

Later that day, Geron was promoted to Education Minister.  This is his second topped career and fulfills his lifetime want.

With the use of the family wishing well, Rich quickly reaches 30 best friends.

It was Caleb's birthday.  The family didn't have a party but he did have a cake.

Caleb Yessam becomes a family sim.  He longs to send three children to college.  Fun.

And that ends this round (season) at this Monterey family.  

Janice may retire soon.  Rich could take on a second career but it's unlikely.  Geron and Starrie have two more kids in their future.  Caleb will begin preparing for college.

I have really enjoyed playing these sims again.  I hope to keep this up.  Wish me luck.

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