Sunday, October 20, 2013

Round 6 - Holiday 2

  • Destin Holiday - Popularity / Family - permanently platinum - impossible want completed - Icon
  • Hedwig Busto Holiday - Popularity / Fortune - permanently platinum - impossible want completed - Education Minister
  • Bristol Holiday - child
  • Kissimmee Holiday - toddler

Last time:  Kissimmee was born, Bristol grew, Destin was abducted by aliens.

When we enter the lot there is not much going on.  So Bristol calls some friends.  Kissimmee contemplates ways to get up the stairs.

In no time she can just walk up the stairs.  Kissimmee is now a child.  She may need a makeover.

Later that night, while outside stargazing, Destin goes into labor.

He gives birth to an alien son.  We named him Vero Beach Holiday.  We'll call him Vero for short.

And once again, we have a baby in the house.  The nursery wasn't empty long at all.  And now Destin wants 10 kids.  SO not happening.

Bristol and Kissimmee are now sharing a room.  There is room for another twin bed.  Eventually we'll have to expand the house to add another bedroom.  There is room above the kitchen.  I just need to add floors and we're set.  I'll get to it someday.

Bristol Holiday becomes a Knowledge / Family sim.  He wants to follow in his mother's footsteps and become Education Minister.

Kissimmee gets her makeover. 

Bristol gets one too.  He must have liked it because he spent a large amount of time checking himself out afterwards.

Trying to figure out what to do with these two.  Destin tends to gravitate towards telescopes if you don't watch him.

I had forgotten I'd arranged for the headmaster to come over.  Bristol wants to get into private school.

The headmaster had his food wolfed down before Bristol even made it to the table.

Luckily the headmaster did grab a cup of joe so Bristol was able to talk to him for a minute or two.

Headmaster must have had a hot date.  He was in and out quickly.  The kids made it into private school.

With the headmaster about, I completely forgot about Vero's birthday.  Well, better late than never.

Vero is a cutie.  He is an Aries with 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 10 active, 5 playful and ZERO nice.  Yes, a true Holiday.

Bristol looks handsome in his school uniform.

Towards the end of the season, the kids started wanting to skill.

And that's all for the winter.

A great family to play.  My only problem is what to do with these adults.  They don't need to do anything.  Maybe I should just let them wonder.  Well I'll figure it out later.

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