Saturday, May 2, 2009

Round 6 - Monterey 1

Round 6, House 5 is the first Monterey house. Before the season started the residence were: Austin Monterey hopeless romancer, his wife Jackie Burton Monterey and their three children natural twins Arela & Angelo and unexpected daughter Alona.

Last time: Jackie reached her LTW by topping gaming and then became an elder and the kiddies grew.

Austin's nephew Gabriel Monterey will be taking over this house. He just arrived home from college with his fiance Jala Burton Monterey. So it's Austin's nephew marrying Jackie's niece.

And the wedding is taking place in the family crypt (so to speak). There really isn't enough room to hold the wedding there but it had to happen somewhere and the lot isn't that big.

As you can see a lot of friends and family members came to see the couple joined in marriage. First sim on the front row is Ashley Burton aunt of the bride and third sim on the front row is Kelly Burton mother of the bride and only Burton sister not to yet reach elderhood. Mother of the groom Janice Monterey Yessam is right in the middle with the blond hair and the wild print dress. She wants to marry off six kids and I'm thinking this is number three.

It was a beautiful ceremony. All about love and hope for the future.

And then came the reception. The bride did not take kindly to some comment from her aunt Ashley.

But Gabriel knows how to handle his woman. It looks like Adam is standing right behind him taking notes.
Gabriel: Open wide sweetie.
Jala: Honey don't. *giggles*

Obviously words were passed between the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom.

I can see that the holidays won't be pleasant this year. And the award for the mean face goes to Kelly Burton. Sorry Janice you need to practice.

After finally getting all the relatives to go away, the young couple head off on their Asian honeymoon. This is a very rare occurrence in my hoods so I hope they enjoy it.

Things started off very relaxing.

They met tons of interesting new people.

Some encounters I'm sure they would rather forget.

But there seemed to be a lot of violence in the orient this year.

So the young couple cut the trip short and head back to start their new lives together.

Back home, the twins have a birthday. Ok guys. Tell us about your future aspirations.
Angelo: Well, I want to enjoy a life of pleasure, like my mom did. I hope to take over my aunt Kelly's television cooking show and become a celebrity chef.
Arela: I would rather strive for knowledge. I will make tons of cash though. But I don't see why I should have to work for it. Why not steal it. Yes it's a life of crime for me.
I can see that your parents haven't been the best influences on you two.
Angelo wished for love at the wishing well and found it with townie Mal Tam. The two dated all during the season.

Arela put the moves on her old friend Welsh Holiday. They both love knowledge and have tons in common so they made a great couple.

As you probably expected, Jala came back from her honeymoon with a little more than she left with. Generation three is in the oven folks.

I never thought I'd see the day when Austin got old. You do realize it will be easier for your 30 loves to catch you now.
Austin: Na. I still have my Jackie to beat the other 29 loves away.

And then this happens. I swear this is the most alien active neighborhood I have ever had. I've had legacies try for generations to get one abduction and in this town people are getting taken when I don't even want them to.

Oh poor Gabriel. We feel your pain. Ok not really but I'm trying to be sympathetic and not laugh at that sad face.

Angelo: You punch like a girl.
Arela: I am a girl you dweb.

Jala: OH! OH!
Gabriel: It's coming. The baby is coming.
And here he is. The first member of generation three, Chi Monterey. Awwww. Ain't he cute.

Alona: BOO!
Arela: *screams*
Alona: You scream like a girl.
You know I kind of like this new torment action. It's cute and realistic.

But eventually Alona grew beyond her desires to torment.
Alona: I did? I only have one nice point. I doubt that I'll ever outgrow it.
True. So...what do you want out of life Alona?
Alona: Well I want to have a huge family and become an education minister.
A large family out of a sim with one nice point. I'm thinking no. Course you'll talk me out of it later but still.
And that wraps up another fun filled winter at the Monterey house. Gabriel became permanently platinum by topping the education field. Angelo headed to college with his girl friend Mal Tam. Alona headed to college to hook up with Welsh Holiday. Oh and if you were wondering why Jala didn't have twins, it's because my cheese cake doesn't seem to work anymore. No idea why.

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