Saturday, May 2, 2009

Round 6 - Lancaster 1

Round 6, House 4 is the Lancaster house. Our family currently consists of Zackary Lancaster (a permanently platinum fortune sim that stays bored all the time), his wife Liza Dante Lancaster (also fortune, also permanently platinum, also has nothing to do), Liza's hidden pregnancy teen daughter Lucia (knowledge sim who wants to be a game designer) and their toddler son Lamar.

Last time: Lamar became a toddler, Liza got pregnant again and Lucia met Beryl Rosada.

This is the one and only shot I could find of Lucia this go round. She did some skilling and at the end of the round headed off to college to be with her true love Beryl. Say hi and bye Lucia.

Lamar. You're a child now.

Lamar: Ummm. Yeah. I'm starting school tomorrow.


Liza, staying out of trouble I hope.
Liza: Giving investment advice. It's my favorite pastime. Well that and kissing Zack from head to toe.
Stick with the investing. The family is getting to large as it is.
And speaking of the family, the newest little Lancaster has arrived.
Liza: It's a girl. I think we should name her Lakkari. It's an Australian name that means honeysuckle tree.
Works for me. I was just happy to finally get an orange child.
Zack calls up the family to give them the good news.
Zack: Yeah I know. But finally we got another orange kid in the family. Oh yeah I totally think we should keep trying for more.
I don't.
Zack: Orange. It's my favorite color. Like the color of Mars. The planet not the neighbor.

Zack: Aw hell. I didn't want to get more kids this way.

Then maybe you should do what I ask and leave the telescopes alone.

James: He'll never listen. That boy has not listened since the day my beloved daughter pushed him out into the world.

Liza, what the heck or you up to?
Liza: Just maken cash. Zackary doesn't like it but he's not here right now is he.
She kept this up until she started a blazing fire. Silly simmy.

Zack you're back. How was your trip.
Zack: Painful. Why haven't you boycotted telescopes if they cause this to happen?
Ummm. I think it's funny and I'm a glutton for punishment? Oh, and I like green babies.
Zack! I thought you were going to leave the telescopes alone.
Zack: You should see what my neighbors are up to. He he he. Those Holiday's reproduce like bunnies.
Any you Lancaster's don't?
Awww. Lakkari is a toddler. (Lakkari Lancaster - Scorpio - 9 neat, 7 outgoing, 9 active, 3 playful & 1 nice)
Darn. No nice and no eye brows.

Zack: He he he. I'm going to have to write a book. This stuff is just to good not to share.
I thought we talked about this. I thought you were going to leave the telescopes alone.
Zack: Na. I'll make a killing when my tell all book hits the stands.
Zack: Oh no. I think it wants out.
Zack: It's a boy. A little green boy. I think I'll name him Landan Lancaster.
Landan it is.
And that wraps up another season at the Lancaster house. Is it me or do they not look happy in their portraits?

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