Saturday, May 2, 2009

Round 6 - Holiday 1

So we're back with round six, house two at the famous Holiday house. The house that launched the largest family in Finality Springs. Our current occupants are: Andre Holiday family sim and founder, his wife Patrice Faststein Holiday knowledge sim and criminal mastermind, and their youngest three kids Welsh, Summer and Christmas who are children 8,9 & 10 for Andre.

Last time: Andre became an education minister, Patrice gave birth to baby Christmas, Roman found his true love and headed to college & Summer became a child.

Welch, you're a teenager now. So what are you planning to do with your life?

Welch: Learn. Gain mega amounts of knowledge and then start my own newspaper. Or maybe television station. I mean someday I'd love to be a media magnet.

Well it's always good to have goals.

And one of my goals is to keep you two from having any more kids. So you may proceed - with caution - and we will all pray that Patrice soon becomes to old for more kids.

Summer: Why does it have to snow? I don't like the winter at all. Why can't it be warm all year round?
Because life would be mighty boring without change.

Speaking of change. Andre, you've aged.
Andre: I like to think of it as maturing. I need to look more like a grandpa now that I have eleven grandkids.
Yeah those grandkids have made you permanently platinum and it shows.

Christmas, you're ready for school. Sweet. Empty nursery.
Christmas: Dad says it won't be for long. He says Roman is going to move back home and fill up the nursery for him.
Yeah, your dad is probably right but for now I have no babies to worry with. Such a relief.
Christmas: Come on Summer. Stop pouting and play chess.
Summer: I don't want to play chess. I can pout if I want to. You don't understand. You're the baby but I'm just the ninth child. I'm nothing special.
Patrice: Can you believe how many stars there are up there? It would take us a lifetime to count them all.
Andre: I'd rather count your freckles my darling. You are still as beautiful as the day we wed.

Welsh. What are you up to?
Welsh: I'm just playing one more game with this neighborhood kid before I head off to college.
She's a Monterey isn't she? She looks like one but her name escapes me.

Since the holidays have birthed many of the towns paper stealers, they know how to prevent others from stealing their hoard. Take that Jewel. He he he.
And thus ends another exciting season at the Holiday house. Join us next time when Roman returns from college and undoubtedly fills up the nursery.

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ciyrose said...

LOL....yes, I'm sure the paper stealing family knows all the tricks paper stealers will try.