Saturday, May 2, 2009

Round 6 - Roswell 1

Round 6, House 3 is the Roswells. Our extraterrestrial family consists of Orion Roswell family sim and father, his unfaithful wife Stellar, their grown son Mars, his wife Hallie Ashki Roswell, Orion's daughter by alien abduction Moonlight and Stellar's son (by extra-marital relations with townie Justin Night) Midnight Roswell.

Last time: Mars with the help of his mother Stellar opened 5 businesses and worked them all to level 10 (and they may never be played again), Mars married Hallie, Moonlight & Midnight became children and Mars was abducted by his alien relatives.

Well Mars, I see your starting to show.

Mars: It would appear so. I wanted to be a father but I never dreamed I would do so in the old ways of our people. I thought that perhaps Hallie would carry my child for me.

Well that is bound to happen too eventually.

*waves* Hi Midnight. Hi Moonlight.

Midnight: Hey. We're trying to read here.

Moonlight: Yeah. You're interrupting our concentration.

Oops. Sorry.

What a nice quiet way to spend your maternity leave. And it's nice of you two to paint portraits of your parents.
Mars: Well you did sort of tell me I had to.
I just thought it would give you something to do. You know, to take your mind off your pregnancy.
Mars: I would have rather you ordered me to have relations with my wife.
You need orders for that?
Our generation one portraits are completed. Well technically Mars is generation one also but he feels more like he's generation two.

And speaking of generation one, Orion starts looking is age.

And so does his wife Stellar. I'm sorry to say this Stellar but Orion is holding up better than you are.
Eww. It's time.

Mars: I can't remember the birthing chant father taught me. Damn. This really does hurt.

Mars: It's a boy. I have a son. I shall name him Jupiter.
That's a fine name for an extraterrestrial boy.

Congratulations to the Roswell family who becomes the first neighborhood household to collect all of the hobby plaques.

Hallie and Mars spend Hallie's pregnancy creating their own portraits. What, did I forget to mention that Mars and his wife finally had time for relations? Well they did. My neighborhood is blowing up at an alarming rate. I'm afraid it's going to crash and burn but I can't be sorry because I'm enjoying the ride to much.

Eww. Awkward moment. Midnights biological dad comes for a visit and poor Orion is oblivious. Hey, I just realized that I should stop being so hard on Stellar. After all, Orion does have twins with Ashley Burton. But I can't help it. Stellar wants to cheat and Orion doesn't. And I like Orion more. So sue me.

Baby time.
Hallie: It's a boy. I think we should name him Comet.
Ok. I admit I couldn't help myself with that name. Hallie's Comet. It was just such a natural fit.

Aww. Poor Stellar. Fired because of a lousy chance card. Oh the agony.
Stellar: Just shut up and leave me alone. I wonder what Justin is doing right now?

Birthday time. Jupiter becomes a little cutie. (Jupiter Roswell - Sagittarius - 1 neat, 1 outgoing, 10 active, 10 playful & 10 nice)

And Comet, well I'm sure he will grow into his looks.
(Comet Roswell - cancer - 8 neat, 5 outgoing, 5 active, 6 playful & 5 nice)
And that's all from the Roswells. Hallie finally found her job in athletics so her LTW can now be worked on but otherwise it's just raising babies.

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ciyrose said...

Nice job with the Hobby Plaques. That's awesome. Also, the portraits are looking good.